The Oregon Coast Birding Trail: An Experience Once Seen Never Forgotten

Oregon CoastBeing avid bird lovers we recently took a holiday to the Oregon coast in the USA to take in some of the amazing bird life there.

If you’re into bird watching and love the outdoors then the Oregon Coast Birding Trail should just be what the doctor ordered.

This part of the United States is one of the premier bird watching experiences that shouldn’t be missed by any true enthusiast who enjoys watching the
over 274 species of birds that can be seen in one of the few remaining pristine areas in North America.

If there is one thing you can’t forget to pack for this trip, it’s your best pair of bird watching binoculars.

The trail is divided into three parts the North Coast, the Central Coast, and the Southern Coast portion. In this article, we will look at some of the
sights you can expect to see when your journey to one of the most exciting birding places in North America.

Northern Coast

Oregon Coast

With over 41 scenic spots along the way, the north coast of Oregon offers a plethora of not only exciting venues and of course the various accommodations
restaurants and tourist attractions. It is also home to many species of bird that are rare, endangered, and rarely seen outside this part of the country.

Depending on the time of year, you may be also fortunate enough to see many of the species from other parts of the world as they pass through this area on
their annual migration flights.

One such site a former dairy farm now a protected sanctuary, “Adler Creek” is located just off the famous Highway 101 that runs along the length of
California’s coastline, Oregon, and Washington. This area has been restored to a natural Salt Marsh environment and is home to many species of coastal
birds Including the Bald Eagle, the American Kestrel, as well as the Purple Martin.

During the annual migration, flocks of shorebirds pass through and linger while resting on their way to their winter abodes.

Central Coast

Oregon CoastOne of the most popular IBA areas is around Lincoln city with two local IBA’s and three additional ones scattered throughout the county.

This enables the avid birdwatcher over 274 different species that can be observed and photographed.

In addition, there are many fine restaurants, lodgings are reasonably priced, and there are many other places and activities that your family will enjoy
while you are out communing with nature and the birds we all love to watch, paint or photograph.

But, this is only one of the many areas In the Central Coast venue of the trail.

Near to the coast, the city of Florence offers not only views of some the most beautiful seabirds and dune-covered beaches near Dune City along the coast.

It is also the home sea lion caves where not only can you combine birding but frolicking with the local Marine mammals as well. In this area, many seabirds
such as the Common Loon, the Osprey Eagle, and the Pacific Wren may be captured on film or video as they nest, flock, or hunt in the Osprey’s case over
beautiful blue water.

You will see towering sand dunes sprinkled with salt marsh vegetation and in the evening, you will be treated to some of the most gorgeous sunsets

Southern Coast

In this area one of the most beautiful parts of the southern coast trail is Gold Beach where beachcombers search for treasure, adventurers seeking
excitement, and where explores one strode. Along with them flock many of the coastal birds and annual visitors from other parts of the world as well as
North America as they travel to their winter nesting grounds.

Again, there are many varied species to be seen, photographed, and caught on video for the enterprising birdwatcher or nature lover. Lately many painters
have been taking up birding and come to Gold Beach where the birds seem to pose for you as you paint their likeness in their natural surroundings.

The Red Tailed Hawk, the Bald Eagle, the Chestnut-Backed Chickadee, as well as the famous Peregrine Falcon often seen in the heights of Chicago’s
skyscrapers and is the official bird of the city.

These birds and many other species are regular guests here at Gold Beach along with the many tourists, photographers, painters, and birdwatchers like you.

It’s often hard to tell which flock is bigger the people watching or the birds themselves. Overall, it is an experience that one should not miss in this

In closing

If you truly want to experience the ultimate in birding experience, on your next holiday take a trip along the Oregon Coast Birding Trail. You’re in for an
adventure you’ll never forget.