About Me

Thank you for stopping by my personal and important environmental blog. My name is Alp and I live a short cycle ride away from this beautiful coastal stretch. It is about 20km North of Amsterdam, at a place called Zuid Kennemerland National Park.


There is such a huge diversity of flora and fauna that depend on a healthy coastline for their success, it would be a devastating shame if climate change and the rising sea levels were to begin to wipe out this precious strip of dynamic land between the sea the the beach.

I used to go with my father, and walk along the coastline for many hours. I’m an avid photographer, although the more I learn about it, the more critical I become of my technical failings. You see as my work as an environmental consultant here in Amsterdam I don’t often get the chance to pull out my camera or use my own photographs in the reports.

I began this blog as a personal and creative outlet for me to ‘let of some steam’ and really talk about anything and everything that is going on in my head. I’ll be writing articles about environmental issues, wildlife and photography studies as well as tips and advice for families to enjoy and respect living and holidaying by the coast.

If you are ever in Holland and near by – let me know, I’d love the opportunity to meet my readers and show you around the park.

There are several rare plant specicies that grow in the lime rich dunes – which attracts a huge variety of song birds. If you are a twitcher, you should remember to bring your camera. I read recently that there have been observations of over 100 different species of bird.

There are also Fallow and Roe Deer, to be seen and as usual you can often see hedgehogs, rabbits and red foxes – who call the park home.

If you are a budding lepidopterist (someone who studies butterflys) then you are also in luck as we have over 20 different species of butterfly local to us.

Highland Cattle by Alp

Highland Cattle by Alp

Here’s a photograph that I took of a magnificent highland cattle who was grazing and watching me as I made my way towards the beach. I didn’t want to get too close, even though I think he was more scared of me that I was of him.

These types of opportunity are becoming rarer each day, and unless we really concern ourselves with caring more for the environment and the coastal area’s, the next generation and those that come after will not have the opportunity to witness such sights.

I truly hope that you enjoy this site, and if you take anything away from it, that it is the fact that the coastal waters around ALL out countries are really fragile and diverse microcosms that won’t be around much longer unless we change the way we behave.

If you ever want to get in contact with me for any reason, I think the best way is to write me a message on the contact me page, which will get sent directly to my inbox.